Enriched Data Services and Support

Besides providing straightforward programme data, EPGdata.tv also delivers custom services to ensure you get the best out of your product. We customize our data to match the functionalities in your applications. Take a look at the services we offer and contact us for custom solution for your applications.

Next-Gen Data Solutions

Digital television keeps evolving and a TV product is much more than watching tv and changing the channel. You can now record in the cloud, watch shows after they have started, share what you’re watching, use catch-up TV and more. All of these functionalities are managed in the metadata. EPGdata.tv provides the right metadata for the job.

Serial Linking

EPGdata connects different episodes of a particular series, allowing serial recording. As a result, customers will be able to record all episodes of this series, without recording the reruns.


By means of flagging programmes, it is possible to select which of these programmes qualify for functionalities such as recording, startover TV, On Demand and Catch-up TV.

Realtime Updates

To prevent misinformation and failed recordings due to sudden schedule changes, we make sure to frequently update our data. Furthermore, we attempt to minimize processing time, both on our side and that of the customer.

VOD Data Linking

Video on Demand is becoming increasingly important. Inform your customers directly from the guide about relevant VoD-offers and maximize the use of your VoD-service.

Future VOD

Inform customers which programmes will be available as On Demand in the future, making it easier for them to decide which programme to watch now, which to record and which to watch later On Demand.


The recommendation option is used to cross-reference programmes based on the users viewing history, resulting in a set of similar programmes within a certain genre. Recommendations are used for both the linear schedule as well as the Video on Demand-functionality.

Social Intergration

Integrate the possibilities that social media have to offer into your guide. Let your users discuss the show using a Twitter Hashtag or share what they’re watching on Facebook.

Editorial Suggestions

Our editors can highlight all those must-see shows, series and movies, ensuring missing out is not an option.


We can create a special EPG for your PPV-channels, based on the information provided by you and the channels involved. Your customers can choose which programs they want to buy from the list created on this channel.

Catch-Up Updates

Even after a programme has aired, we keep updating the programme information, making sure your customers get all the newest information on a programme and can make an informed decision as what to watch.

Correct Catch-Up Times

The correct starting time is immensely important for Catch-Up TV. Often fast forwarding is blocked, so a customer is not able to skip through if the start time is not correct. That is why we keep improving the start time even after a programme has aired.


In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong, we are always at your service to restore this instantly. So your customers will not be bothered by this.


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